About Us

About Us

Sourcerers was founded as a recruiting firm in 2016 to do our part towards advancing blockchain technology by putting together great minds in the space. We have since evolved to focus primarily on tokenization modeling, business development, and marketing services for Ethereum-based projects.

Our mission is to steer the evolution of the token designs, governance models, and crowdsale structures that will power decentralized businesses of the future. Based in San Francisco, we work with teams located in London, New York, Singapore, Switzerland and beyond.

The Team

Joe Urgo – Founder/CEO

Joe founded Sourcerers in 2016 with the goal of accelerating the proliferation of blockchain technology by helping to build dynamic, talented teams capable of pushing the boundaries. Joe is passionate about developing sustainable decentralized businesses via novel token models that maximize network effects.

Currently, Joe also serves as Director of Operations at Ethlance and as Editor of The Dapp Daily. Previously, Joe spent 3 years at Coinbase as an Operations Manager, worked as a Derivatives Trader/Analysts at Three Arrows Capital, and played professional poker for 7 years in Las Vegas, Macau, and Costa Rica.


Alexander Khoriaty – COO

Alexander joined Sourcerers.io in early 2017 as a co-founder. Alexander has a determination for finding user experiences that can propel revolutionary and disruptive technology to the mass market.

After studying physics and philosophy at the University of Michigan, Alexander has spent the last 2 years working at Coinbase, building out a Quality Assurance program and triage processes.



Brady McKenna – Community Relations/Management

Brady is a long time consultant and educator in the blockchain space. He previously worked at Coinbase on the Support Operations and Regulatory Compliance teams.

Brady is also a musician known for merging blockchain concepts and the musical/creative arts.



P.J. Leimgruber – Marketing

P.J. is an accomplished digital marketer, currently teaching ITP 476 – Technologies for Interactive Marketing at The University of Southern California and serving as Chief Marketing Mentor at European Innovation Academy.

Previously co-founded NeoReach, an enterprise cloud platform for influencer marketing management and intelligence serving Fortune 500 brands including Microsoft, Citrix, Walmart, among others.



Peter Reiseman – Operations

Having received his B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from Lehigh University, Peter spent several years in the semiconductor industry as a Project Manager before making the jump into the blockchain space.

Peter is an avid supporter of decentralized technology that economically incentivizes progress for the greater good.



Careers at Sourcerers

We’re not actively hiring right now, but if you think you would be at home at Sourcerers, you can email us at talent@sourcerers.io.