Building Teams to Build the Future

Recruiting, Tokenization, and Crowdsale services for Ethereum-based projects

Source The Top Talent In The Industry

Rely on our contacts to ensure you find the best candidates out there. With a network consisting of blockchain experts from companies such as Coinbase, ConsenSys, and Polychain Capital we can go out and get you the talent you need even if they aren’t actively looking for a new career.

Hire As Quickly As Blockchain Technology Evolves

Top talent moves fast, you need to move faster. Stop wasting time posting to job boards, sifting through resumes, and making screening calls. Let us streamline the process and turn hiring into a competitive advantage for you. We vet candidates for you to ensure you only spend time interviewing wizards.

Bitcoin and Ether Are Always Accepted Here

We are only open to payments in the form of real money. We do not accept USD, EUR, CNY, JPY or any other fiat currencies. Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Monero are all accepted with love! Does your project have a token model? We also welcome proposals for settlement via various ERC20 tokens.